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Summertime Fun: The Best Water Parks and Theme Parks in Turkey

Summertime Fun: The Best Water Parks and Theme Parks in Turkey

Summer is just around the corner, and we all know what that means – it’s time for some serious fun in the sun! Turkey boasts a plethora of amazing water parks and theme parks that are perfect for all ages. Whether you’re looking for adrenaline-pumping rides or just a place to cool off, Turkey has got you covered. Here are some of the best water parks and theme parks in Turkey that you don’t want to miss.

Water Parks

1. Aqua Fantasy Aquapark – Kusadasi
This water park is regarded as the best in Turkey. It features over 30 exciting water rides and attractions for both children and adults. Aqua Fantasy Aquapark is also home to the largest wave pool in Turkey, as well as a lazy river, multiple slides, kids’ pool, and a relaxing spa. There’s something for everyone here.

2. Atlantis Marmaris Waterpark – Marmaris
Atlantis Marmaris Waterpark is one of the largest waterparks in Turkey. It has over 30 amazing water attractions and pools, including a lazy river, wave pool, and a variety of kid’s rides. The park also offers a range of food and drink options, as well as a gift shop.

3. Dedeman Aquapark – Antalya
Dedeman Aquapark is a must-visit destination for families, located in Antalya. The park features multiple pools with slides and fountains for children of all ages, and an adult pool with waterfalls and whirlpools for adults. The park also offers a beach area for visitors to relax under the sun or have a swim in the clear waters.

4. Aqua Toy City – Istanbul
Aqua Toy City is Istanbul’s largest indoor water park with 17 slides and various features; lazy rivers, baby pool, activity pool, a playground for children, and the largest wave pool in Istanbul. It’s an excellent choice for a fun day out with the family, no matter the weather.

Theme Parks

1. The Land of Legends Theme Park – Belek
The Land of Legends Theme Park is located in Belek and features a unique and innovative approach to amusement parks. It’s divided into different zones such as water park, dolphin park, shopping avenue, and a hotel. The park also features various roller coasters, shows, and attractions that merges with fantasy and reality.

2. Vialand – Istanbul
Vialand is the largest theme park in Istanbul that combines both entertainment, and shopping experience all in one place. This park features roller coasters, water rides, and shows that celebrate the rich culture of Turkey.

3. Wonderland Eurasia Theme Park – Ankara
The Wonderland Eurasia Theme Park is an all-in-one amusement park, zoo, and botanical garden that gives visitors a chance to experience a world of adventure and fantasy. The park features 26 different rides, including roller-coasters and water attractions suitable for all ages. The zoo section features over 150 species of animals, and the botanical garden section has over 5000 different species of plants.

4. Dinopark Antalya – Antalya
Dinopark Antalya is an excellent place for both adults and children who are fascinated by ancient creatures. The park is set up like a prehistoric world where visitors can experience the thrill of the Jurassic period; it features life-size dinosaur models, a 7D cinema, and several games and simulations.

Editor Comment:

With summertime on the rise, it’s time to plan your ideal summer vacation. With the help of our comprehensive list of the best water and theme parks in Turkey, you can create a memorable holiday tailored to your interests. These parks cater to all ages, from thrilling rides for older children and adults to kiddie areas ideal for families. This collection of amusement parks and waterparks offers an interesting and unique experience that everyone can enjoy.


Q: What are the most popular water parks in Turkey?
A: Some popular waterparks in Turkey include Aqua Fantasy Aquapark, Atlantis Marmaris Waterpark, Dedeman Aquapark, and Aqua Toy City.

Q: What is the theme of The Land of Legends Theme Park?
A: The Land of Legends Theme Park has a unique theme that merges the world of fantasy and reality.

Q: Which is the largest theme park in Istanbul?
A: Vialand is the largest theme park in Istanbul that combines both entertainment and shopping experiences.

Q: Where is Wonderland Eurasia Theme Park located?
A: Wonderland Eurasia Theme Park is located in Ankara; it features a zoo, botanical garden, and amusement park.

Q: Are these parks suitable for all ages?
A: Yes, these parks have attractions suitable for all ages, from toddlers to teenagers and adults.

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